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November 1, 2019




To all you lovely men out there - You’re Testicles, or should I say (in some male cases, including my Husband) Plums, Nether Region or Balls, sorry if this offends, but you chaps out there, are more likely to read the following information, when using your own terminology!



So most of you men out there in the UK, like your car, bikes and other gadgets, and probably spend quite a large amount of time and money keeping them all shiny and clean and in working order, Well the same needs to be applied to your own Health, more importantly your Testicles!


Your testicles are responsible for producing sperm and male hormones (mainly Testosterone) that regulate reproductive organ development.


Testicular cancer is the most common Cancer in males between 20 & 40 years of age. About just over 2,000 men are diagnosed with the condition in the UK each year!  It is several times more common in white males, than in men of African, Hispanic or Asian descent, although the cause for this additional risk is not known.


Individuals who handle Pesticides, leather work, Miners, Oil Well workers and HIV positive persons also appear to be at a higher risk, as well as a family history of testicular cancer is also a larger risk.


Testicular cancer is usually first detected as a painless lump or swelling about the size of a pea, on the front or side of one testicle.


If you check and find something abnormal downstairs, you need to visit your local GP; you should also keep in mind that this may not be due to cancer.


Checking your testicle once a month, whilst having a shower or warm bath, will helps you feel your skin better on your scrotum, as it is relaxed.


Blood Tests & laboratory Test – Testicular cancer often produces substance that can be measured in your Blood. The tumour markers that are usually measured to help confirm the diagnosis are:-

Alpha – Fetoprotein

Human Chorionic Gonadotropin

Lactate Dehydrogenase


Testicular cancer is one of the most curable forms of cancer, more than 95% of men with early stage disease being completed cured, however, most types will spread if left undiscovered, invading blood and lymph vessels and being carried to other body organs, such as the lungs.

EARLY detection and treatment is important to improve the likelihood of a cure.


If you don't have time to visit your local GP or you feel embarrassed going to your local surgery, all you have to do is just give Bloods4you a call! We will visit you in the comfort and privacy of your own home, or come to your workplace, on a date and time that suits your busy schedule  


All Blood Tests & Results are Strictly Private and Confidential, only YOU will receive your results back within 24 hours!









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