Are you Anaemic?

May 2, 2016


Anaemia is a disease that occurs when a number of your red blood cells or the amount of haemoglobin found in your red blood cells fall below normal.


Anaemia is fairly common condition and it can affect men or women, of all ages and ethnic groups.


It’s more likely that anaemia will affect us ladies more, as we have a menstrual cycle every month.

A heavy period which is also called Menorrhagia is when a woman loses an excessive amount of blood during consecutive periods; however this could also be a contributing factor for us ladies in acquiring anaemia.


There are several different types of anaemia, and each one has a different cause. Iron deficiency anaemia is the most common type.


Many people with iron deficiency anaemia only have a few symptoms; you may notice the symptoms immediately, or gradually overtime, the most common symptoms are:-


Tiredness or feeling sleepy


A pale complexion


Anaemia also can affect ladies being pregnant, (Iron deficiency anaemia) as your body needs extra iron for your baby during pregnancy.


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