What to expect when having a Blood Test from Bloods 4 You?

May 21, 2016

I recently went to see a very, very nervous lady, whom needed a blood test.


For privacy and confidentiality, we shall call this lady Poppy.


 So poppy, called me around tea time, and I could instantly gain, that poppy was a little nervous on the telephone, I asked her a few questions, to get a better understanding of what blood test poppy needed.


Poppy is a very busy mummy, she has 3 children, and her husband works away during the week, so her schedule at times can be very busy.


During the telephone call, I could hear her children, busy playing in the background, with the occasional “MUM” being shouted, so I asked if it would be ok, if I could pop over to her home the next day, or when Poppy had some free time, to discuss her test further?


A few days later, I visited Poppy mid morning, when her children were at school; we sat down and had a very rare mid morning coffee, to discuss, what needed to be done.


Instantly Poppy was very calm and warm, she didn’t seem to be the nervous person I was speaking with a few days earlier, I explained to Poppy that, we could of course take her blood, and that we will can take our time together in obtaining her blood, there is no rush!


Poppy explained to me, that she doesn’t really like to visit her GP or can fit it in around her busy schedule, which I and the majority of busy mums can relate to!


After we finished our coffee, I popped out to my car, to grab my bag, when I came back in to her house; I asked if we could sit in her kitchen, the telly was on, the dog was wondering about, and the light in the kitchen was better, as Poppy kitchen lead into a massive conservatory.


I got some of my kit out of my bag, and explained that, to get her blood from her arm, I needed to insert a little needle into her arm, I could see that Poppy, was listening and understood what I was saying, but was looking a bit nervous! I asked Poppy, what she was nervous about; her response was “The Needle”


At bloods 4 you, we use two types of needles, both do the same fantastic job of getting blood from patients. When visiting patients we also ask the question, “Do you have any troubles when having a blood test”? It is from the answer we receive, and seeing our patients’ face-face and feeling our patients veins, to determine which best needle to use.


So I have shown Poppy what to expect, by doing this on myself (obviously not inserting the needle into my arm) but putting the tourniquet on my arm, so to show her how the veins in my arm stand out.

I then showed poppy the butterfly needle; Poppy’s response was “is that all it is”


Poppy’s veins were excellent, very bouncy to see on the surface, but even better to touch!

I asked her if she would like me today, now take her blood in her kitchen. Poppy said yes, but first she wanted to have another quick brew, before we proceed,” No problem I stated, let’s get that kettle back on”


About 25 minutes later, after our conversations and coffees, Poppy had successful had her blood taken in her kitchen, whilst her dog sat asleep at her feet!


What’s next Poppy asked?

Now we have obtained your blood, I will pop this off to my private laboratory, and you will receive your test rests tomorrow!


I then explained that I will email her test results over, and then a hard copy will shortly follow in the post, I then thanked Poppy and went on my way!



Bloods 4 you provide a unique, Private, Confidential and Discreet Service in the comfort of your own home, we do not see our patients as numbers or targets that need to be made, and there are no time limits!


If you need a Blood or Urine test, please telephone us today, or if you can instantly chat to us, by clicking the Chat now button!



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