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May 24, 2016


Knowing that you have to go and have a Blood Test done, for some people, is like the worst feeling in the pit of your tummy.


Some people get very nervous about even the thought of having to have the Blood Test done!


Do you have Belonephobia?


Fear of Needles affects around 10% of the UK's population; this is often triggered by a childhood experience. 


Another problem that's contributes to feeling nervous, and maybe feeling anxiety is the Wait!


Some Clinics have a ticket system, where you wait with all the other patients, holding your little ticket tight in your sweaty hand, not really wanting to make eye contact with the other people in the room, just in case they can see, your not feeling your best, in fact your quaking in your shoes!


GP Surgeries - Booking in to see the Doctor or Nurse, again the waiting, plus if your surgery is busy, (which now a days they are) you wait even longer, along with poorly people, some coughing and sneezing, spreading the love of their possible viral infections! 


If you feel or can relate in anyway to the information above, your not alone! The only difference is Bloods4you can take all the stress, anxiety and nervousness away!


Bloods4you come to your home or workplace, the best place to have any treatment or tests, (where possible) is in your very own comfortably, familiar settings, it could be your Kitchen, Your Living Room, wherever you feel at ease in your own home, is where we can take your required blood tests!


There is absolutely NO rush, you choose the time and date, we can even come early if you are requiring a fasting blood test, so you don't have to feel hungry mid morning until you have your test!


No more waiting!


You choose, Time Date and Location

We give you your test results back in 24 hours, this helps you stop worrying and waiting about what your outcome of your results may be. 

Best of all it’s in your own home, which also reduces the risk of infections and other air borne issues.


All Blood and Urine Tests are Private & Confidential, you & you only will receive your test results. Our Blood Tests starts from as little as £40.00


To book your next Blood Test or to make an inquiry please telephone us today!  



*Some Blood tests require longer result time turn-around; you will always be informed before booking your test. We cover Cambridgeshire and Northamptonshire, with other areas on request.


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