What is a Full Blood Count?

February 2, 2016

Why you need a blood test?


It's the best route, to accurately find out what is going on inside your body!


When your feeling not at your best, you would indeed contact your local GP Surgery to see the Doctor or Nurse Practitioner. 


Once you have seen your doctor, they will most probably ask if you wouldn't mind having a blood test, to see what's going on?


Then you would have to make another appointment for the Nurse to take your blood or you could pop to your local walk-in clinic and wait your turn to see the Nurse. 


Ok, so the Nurse has taking your blood sample with your permission, now you wait, wait a day, wait another day, still waiting for the phone call.......


If you have had your blood test done on a Wednesday, you probably won't hear back from your GP Surgery until Monday at the earliest, so you wait, and wait some more worrying all weekend, what the matter could be? 


Why choose Bloods4you....


You won't have to wait, in fact you don't even have to go out your own home, you wouldn't have to get in the car, to drive to the Surgery or Walk In, find some change to pay for parking, or even get cold walking to the surgery, you wouldn't have to sit in a surgery, with other people coughing and sneezing, not feeling their best, NO you would stay in the comfort of your own home and call me!


Once you have chosen the time convenient to you, Bloods4you would pop round, take your blood test, send this off to the private Pathology Laboratory. Your tests results will be given back to you, and you only within very often a 24 hour time period! No more waiting for you! 


You then would take your blood test results back to your GP for the next best cause of action you require. 


Our Private Blood Test Service can take any blood test you require, at only the small charge of starting from £40.00

We can together, start making you feel better within a 24 hour time frame, instead of waiting, and still feeling poorly 3 days later! 


You blood in safe hands!


For more information in the strictest of confidence please telephone or email bloods4you today or visit our website 


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