Pain, Bloating of the Tummy, Fatigue...

August 3, 2019



Our most requested Private Blood Test for Allergies & Intolerance's is for Coeliac Disease, as this detects autoantibodies that our bodies create as part of our immune response to dietary proteins, such as Gluten.

This is found in Wheat, Rye & Barley.

Theses autoantibodies are involved in inflammation in the gut and damage to the lining of the gut wall, which can cause symptoms of:-

Abdominal pain - Tummy ache 😖
Bloating of the tummy
Serve Diarrhoea

Tissue Transglutaminase IgA (TTG)
is an enzyme responsible for joining certain proteins, and is found in the gut as well as in other tissues.

These blood tests not only helps to diagnosed Coeliac Disease but can also help with Dermatitis Herpetiformis - blisters, itchy, burning rash on your skin and for those who may have autoimmune diseases, like Type 1 Diabetes or Thyroid disease, as people with autoimmune diseases often have more than 1 autoimmune disease. They will also monitor the success of having a Gluten Free diet.

Iron, Folate, Vitamin B12 & Vitamin D may also be requested along side EMA & TTG to help determine the seriousness of the diseases and the extent of a your malnutrition, malabsorption, and organ involvement.

You choose the best date & time, then we visit you, in the comfort of you own home or workplace.
All Tests & Results are Strictly Private & Confidential, only You will receive your results, very often within 24 hours.

*Testing for Coeliac Disease. You must still consume your normal food intake, including GLUTEN for a minimum of 6 Weeks, otherwise, testing too early can give a false positive or false negative.

Call, Email or Chat Online today, with your requirements.
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"Your Blood In Safe Hands" 

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