"Do you feel this way?"

October 8, 2018



Is this the feeling you get, when you get told you need a blood test? or when you decide its time to have have a Private blood test, to see whats going on with your own health needs?


For me as a Qualified Phlebotomist, I can tell you all now, I get this feeling! I know that you are probably thinking to yourselves, "hang on, she sticks needles in people everyday" - YES, I do exactly that, however, when its someone else, who I don't know, or if this person is Qualified in venipuncture , my body goes into melt-down!!


Let's be honest, having a blood test, is not the best, especially when your not keen on any form of needle, or to be poked, stabbed, or any other words to describe having to have a blood test done, however, we at bloods4you can completely understand, how YOU the patient is feeling, as we too share the same feelings you do - we are all human at the end of the day!


Our Private and Confidential Blood or Urine Test Services, have YOU, the patients needs and feelings 1st and foremost, we allocate a 1 hour appointment, between patients, so we can get to know you! 


Everyone has different experiences, when having a blood test, some like us to be quick, and some like us to take a gentler approach, we will ALWAYS listen to you!


So the next time, or when your ready to have a Blood Test done, why not give Bloods4you a call?


Without tooting on our own trumpets, we believe our services we provide all our Private patients is Fantastic, we:-



show emotions

tell you everything we are about to do 

answer any questions you may have

work around your time schedules

visit you at home or at work

24hr Test Results turnaround - We make the process of having your Private Blood taking as painless, efficient and professional as it should always be!


If your still unsure, why not check out our Testimonials page or reviews on Facebook?


"Your Blood In Safe Hands" 


Telephone: 07813 091464 

Email: Alison.howlett@bloods4you.co.uk


All Blood or Urine Tests are Strictly Private and Confidential, prices start from as little as £40.00 









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