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October 16, 2019


No matter what the underlying cause, hair loss or hair thinning can be a very distressing time.


Sadly, too many people experiencing hair loss feel that it is something they have to accept and put on a brave face when inside you may feel anxious, angry or saddened.


The Hair Loss Clinic at Christos has been working with clients who have experienced full or partial hair loss or hair thinning for over 20 years and we see 800-1000 scalps every single week, from children to more mature clients across all ethnicities.
Our experience highlights that many clients either continue to struggle without seeing their GP, assuming it is just 'an age thing' or they are misdiagnosed and sent to a dermatology specialist when the underlying cause is more likely to be a compromised immune system.


This is why we always take a full medical history and we may advise certain blood tests to ensure
there are no underlying medical conditions that may be the root cause for the hair loss.

Once Christos have undertaken the initial consultation, they will often recommend a number of different blood tests to identify any underlying conditions that could be influencing your hair loss. These may include tests for Thyroid function, full hormone profile, iron levels and vitamin and mineral profiles. 


You can then take this information to your GP to request the suggested blood tests. 


We have found that, while some clients can request this through their GP, many people either do not get the buy-in from their GP or they would rather elect to have the tests done privately and then present the results for medical assessment.
For this reason, we have introduced Bloods 4 You at the Christos Hair Loss Clinic.
Bloods4you will obtain your private requested samples at the clinic, this is then sent off to the Private UKAS Accredited Pathology Laboratory for analysis, when the samples have been completed, you will be sent your Private Test Results directly to your email and the clinic, to therefore go through your results, and provide advice on medically moving forward with your GP or consultant.


The Hair Restoration Team is headed up by Tina, Director of Aesthetic Services, Fiona 
Urgent Care Advanced Nurse Practitioner and Prescriber, Vanessa Phlebotomy, Advanced PRP Clinician & Mauricee Plastics & Aesthetic Advanced Practitioner, we are fully trained, licensed and insured in procedures including: -
•    Platelet-Rich Plasma Therapy
•    Mesotherapy/Transdermal Injections of hyaluronic and succinic acid
•    Biotin, B12, B-complex additionally new serums micro-needled into the scalp including peptides, amino acids and proteins
•    immunology-based growth enhancers that are great for all forms of alopecia
•    Bio Magnetic Therapy
•    Intravenous Nutrition and Supplement therapy.
In addition, the Hair Loss Clinic at Christos partners with leading surgeons and aesthetic practitioners to offer you the very best solutions available through to Hair Transplant Co-Ordination.


We promise to use our understanding of hair loss, our expertise in masking and overcoming the effects of hair loss and hair thinning and our own personal experiences on cancer treatments and alopecia to make your own hair care journey less daunting.


Trichotillomania Specialist Centre


Christos are proud to be a specialist centre in providing hair loss solutions for sufferers of Trichotillomania, receiving referrals from all over the UK.
This form of alopecia is very distressing and patients often have underlying poor mental wellness – we fully understand this.
We work with both male and female clients of all ages to compile a toolkit and teach you how to work with the solutions in your kit to effectively
mask the areas of hair loss. 


For More Information, please contact us today on:-

Hair Loss Clinic - Tel : 01908 617 266 -

Bloods4you - Tel : 07813 091464 -


"Your Blood In Safe Hands"








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