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Why Have a Private Blood Test?

Well, the reasons behind why I started my Business Bloods4you, is because, to be honest, I don’t really like to have my blood taken, or tested, or poked at, or the waiting for the results, the wondering, the worrying “What was wrong with me”!!

Don’t get me wrong, all Good Trained Phlebotomist use the same equipment, speak the same, dress the same, and face the same problems, when taking patient’s blood, but, I felt personally, that sometimes on occasions, when visiting my local GP Surgery or Hospital, that I wasn’t a cared and looked after as a patient?

I sat there, nervously waiting, for my name to be called, or in most cases now a days, it’s on a numbered ticket, then you get called in, you sit down, and you might say to the person taking you blood “Hello, I don’t have very good veins in this arm, this is the best arm to get blood from, or in the past, the Nurse/Phlebotomist uses a Butterfly Needle”

I may as well, not said anything!

On my last visit to have a blood test done, I did say the above to the Healthcare Worker, her response “Well I have been taking blood tests since you have been in Nappies” – Well how RUDE!

To be honest, I was shocked! My response to the Healthcare Worker, “I am pleased for you! However this is my body, my veins, so I would appreciate you to listen to me please!

So already, feeling nervous, and not really wanting this blood test in the 1st place, now I have to endure, a rude person, whom even didn’t even want to listen to ME!

OK, so I sat there, the Healthcare worker, didn’t listen to me, she tried to take my blood, out of the arm I stated wouldn’t work, she did it anyway!

Then I got stabbed again, in the other arm, with no luck again!

By this point, I was ready to leave! I then asked one last time, could you please use a butterfly needle, in my hand or wrist. Long story short, the Healthcare worker did this, and got my blood, and left me with a very sore, swollen hand, and massive bruise!

I’m certainly not bashing the NHS at all, I even use the NHS services when I need to, however, there comes a time, when you just don’t get listened to, and your made to feel crappy, that’s just not right!!

Bloods4you is a Private, Professional & Confidential Blood & Urine Service, we are all human! We LISTEN to all our patients, we understand completely, everyone is different, when having a blood test done, some are nervous, frightened, scared, just like I was, but our Service is carried out in the comfort of your own home or workplace. We allocated 1 hour appointments between patients, so there is NO RUSH!!!

Yes we are a Private Service, which means we charge for the services we provide our patients, our prices are really, really Fantastic, knowing we will listen to your needs, and successfully take your chosen blood test you want, then give you, your test results very often the next day!

How much would you pay for your own Health?

Please feel free, to share this with your family and friends! If you need any questions answering, please get in touch! Kind Regards Alison.

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