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Bloods4you offer a fantastic service. Alison's technique and equipment puts those of may NHS Phlebotomists to shame, particularly her Vein Finder, that illuminates the veins beneath the skin, allowing a clear view of where they are and how suitable they are for drawing blood. It's shameful that the NHS doesn't use such an effective and simple device. I've had countless bad experiences of blood drawing resulting in extensive bruising or severe aching; I even ended up with 4 holes in each arm & one in the hand from where the blood was finally drawn by a Doctor - Thanks to the ineptitude of one NHS phlebotomist. 

Alison drew my blood first time, almost painlessly, with barley a mark, and NO hint of any bruising afterwards -something I thought was impossible. bloods4you's prices are competitive and the convenience of a  Home test, combined with Alison's time flexibility and availability, is perfect. Turnaround on Results is really fast (e,g: FBC drawn at 17:55 results emailed next day at 14:07)

And if this wasn't enough to recommend the service, Alison herself is a chatty, funny and caring lady who is delightful to have in your home. For someone like me, who is housebound by poor Health and needs frequent tests, some that are not available on the NHS, I am truly delighted to have discovered Bloods4you.

5***** W. Keen - Huntingdon

"An amazing speedy service delivered, with humour and flair. Alison made what can be a difficult health check easy to access and all from the comfort of your home. I was astonished how convenient it was to have a range of personal and confidential tests done - with the results available in only a few days"

5***** Mr Magee - Lincolnshire.

Last year our daughter who has Autism and a needle phobic, became very ill and desperately needed blood tests. In 21 years, despite lots of coaxing by the GP, she has never managed to have a blood test, due to her intense fear of needles. We found and contacted Alison, hoping she could help! with her kind, friendly, gentle and patient approach she successfully managed to do my daughters blood tests, with results back within 24 hrs! We honestly could not ask for more. Alison has recently been out once again to do my daughters blood tests, as she will not allow anyone else to take them. Nothing is too much trouble for this lovely, genuine lady, she responds almost immediately to messages and visits as soon as she possibly can. Really not sure what we would do without her now. Thank you so much Alison! Fantastic first class service in every way. 5***** C.Roe Buckinghamshire. 

I was very keen to get blood tests done, for the over 50 female as a preventative measure, as this is very much in the media. I could not get into the GP for a month, nor would they do a complete blood test unless I was sick..... So I called Alison at Bloods 4 You, she was so professional and friendly, the whole procedure took 5 minutes on Tuesday at 1pm in my own home! Amazingly I got my test results back via an email on Wednesday at 3pm, what peace of mind! Money well spent. I would highly recommend this company for any blood test. 5***** Val B - Northampton.

I needed a Beta hCG test, so contacted Alison, who is wonderful.

Alison came to my workplace, which was convenient for me and successfully took my blood sample.

Alison is a wonderful person, who makes you laugh a bit, so you can relax. For me was an excellent service, especially my results, they came back really fast as well! Thank you again Alison! Definitely the service to use from now on when needed.  5*****I.Mantu - Harlow  



I had my bloods done yesterday by the lovely Alison, very dedicated and very persistent, as I was a difficult patient. Alison was very calming and professional. Unfortunately on the second attempt, she was unsuccessful. Alison explained that my veins “where not playing today” and she did not want to keep sticking me. Alison did advise me that she would return the following day, but asked that I drank lots of water, before I go to bed, and more in the morning, before she arrived again. Alison arrived at the convenient time at my home again, the following day, and was able to withdraw my blood sample. The results were speedy, I only waited 2 days, which was fantastic, as I needed my EPP blood Screening done, before starting my new post within the NHS. I would highly recommend Alison at Bloods4you. 5*****  C. Holmes - Northants.

Being in my own home and with Alison's professional, friendly and reassuring manner, any apprehension I may have felt about having a blood taken quickly evaporated. Should I every need more tests, I would not hesitate to ask Alison to visit. What is more i received the results very quickly. 5***** C.Fuchs Northamptonshire.

Bloods4you have been fantastic at helping me organise some blood tests I needed, even on short notice at a time which was convenient to me. Alison is lovely, really puts you at ease and it was a pleasure to talk about concerns ect and she understood completely. I wouldn't hesitate in recommending her, and will no doubt use Bloods4you again! 5***** L. Stennett 

I contacted Bloods4you as I needed to have my blood test done on a Sunday (day 3 for Fertility testing purpose) & the doctors surgery was obviously going to be shut. I also wanted a detailed check of my Thyroid profile, which isn't normally available at the GP. The Phlebotomist - Alison was kind enough to do my blood tests on a Sunday, even though Bloods4you don't normally work weekends! Alison was very accommodation , visiting me at my home, at short notice. I was really impressed by the efficient and professional service received - My blood test was taken within 10 mins, and my results sent via Email incredibly quickly! I will definitely be using Bloods4you again soon!   5***** F.Khan - Peterborough

Alison makes you feel very comfortable from stepping through your door! She was very professional and friendly, and the test results came back super quick!

Thank you so much you're a diamond! - May I add too Alison's response times were incredible!! Very fast responding and just all round amazing!

5***** C.Stonier - March, Cambridgeshire

Felt like I knew this lady already long time, she is  so kind, happy, fun and so friendly. And the most important she knew what she was doing!  I definitely recommend her! Thank you Alison!

5***** L Vai - Cambridge

 lovely lady, clients come before her. Honest & very professional. Thank you.   5***** O.Warikoru - Northampton

Absolutely brilliant,professional service. Alison is so lovely, you feel totally at ease and she also has a great sense of humour! I am someone who has very small veins, and it can be a nightmare having bloods done, but this time it was perfect, and I didn't bruise!! I will definitely use Alison's & Bloods4you again!

5***** D.E. Ormerod - Daventry. 

I contacted Bloods4you to get a full Men's Health check up, Service was great, results were quick. 5***** S. Mohammed Peterborough

​Had my bloods done for work and was super nervous may have shed a little tear or two at first but Alison made me feel so comfortable that I wasn't so nervous and she got the results back to me super quick! I can recommend Alison!

5***** C. E Swagstaff - Essex

What a lovely lady, a great sense of humour, and very down to earth, a true professional. Very pleased with the service i received, I called yesterday morning, and by the afternoon Alison had been to see me at home. Got my Results the very next afternoon. Will recommend Bloods4you. 5*****J. Ormerod - Bedfordshire.

I contacted Bloods 4 You on the 15th Aug 2016. I needed my bloods taken that week and was thrilled that I could contact Alison at 9:30pm at night to book her to come to my house that week. I have never heard of such a service, where you can have your bloods taken in the comfort of your own home! This is ideal as I have a 5 year old, who i'm sure would not be impressed if I had to drag him along with me to a Private Clinic. 

The bloods were for myself as i'm struggling to conceive and I am having Private Treatment through a Therapist, so it was extremely important that I had my results back within 24hrs. Alison achieved this, and beyond her duties, she was constantly emailing and texting me with updates. She has even done some other research for me which has been such a help! I have booked Alison again for September and i'm sure I will need her services again in the future. Outstanding Alison , Thank You! 5***** S.Kibbler - Northamptonshire.

I needed to get a Private AMH  - Blood Test done, as I couldn't get this test done at my Doctors, nor did I want to travel to London, or order a finger prick test online, as the test results take too long, I needed my results as soon as possible as I was travelling abroad for treatment.  I was recommended by a friend whom had already had such a great service by Alison, I too have now experienced, such  a wonderful, professional & punctual Service. My Results were emailed back to me within 24 hours, plus Alison e-mailed the results to my Clinical Consultant abroad! Fantastic Service! 5***** S.Shaw - Lincoln

"What a Fantastic Service Alison at Bloods4you offers" I needed a Blood Test and wanted the results, as a peace of mind, trying elsewhere proved difficult and long waiting times! I emailed Alison on the Tuesday afternoon, and had her sat in my front room on Wednesday 9am, results

e-mailed directly to me, Thursday at 7pm. Friendly and fast service, well worth the money. Thank you Alison. 5***** S. Spencer - Peterborough

I found my experience with Alison exceptionally Good!! After having not much luck with the NHS, I took to google to find someone that could conduct a Private Blood Test. On the same day of calling, Alison went out of her way to go out of town to meet me at my home, to take my blood, and had the results the very next day. Alison is a breath of fresh air; her friendly and attentive manner was above and beyond my expectations.......

WHAT A SERVICE !!  5***** C. Wilson -Stamford.

Absolutely Brilliant, friendly, patient and attentive service. Alison makes you feel totally relaxed and comfortable!  5***** D. Smith - Daventry.

I needed my Full Immunity Blood Testing, as I have accepted a new post in a different country. I contacted my GP whom wasn't able to carry out this for me! I then contacted Bloods4you. I spoke with Alison online, booked an appointment at my workplace, which was great! The very next day, I received my results!

Fantastic Service & very good Price too. 5***** J. Richards - Cambridgeshire. 

You can find Alison most of the hours of the day, she is coming into your home or work, and comes back after one or two days with most types of results. The lab she is cooperating can do all types of tests, even the most special ones, for example, everything to do with pregnancy, chromosome ect. She is a very kind person, makes you feel comfortable, a very capable phlebotomist. Regarding price, I could not find cheaper, I am fully satisfied and totally recommend her to all!!! 

5***** P.Alexopoulou - Cambridgeshire 

I contacted Bloods4you on Sunday 16 February 2019 as we needed to get a HCG Beta blood test, I was in a panic, as I was on my 2ww and Sunday was my test day! I was so relived that I found Alison, I was searching on Google, and found Bloods4you. I contacted Alison immediately, and she answered my call! Alison then came to my home, the same day - (this was on a Sunday!) to take my blood test, I honestly was not expecting to get my blood test done on a Sunday, I received my test results back on the Monday, I then needed another HCG blood test 48hrs later, Alison came back to me, this time at my workplace, I asked for same day test results, as I could not wait! Alison sent me my test results, the same day, she took my blood test, and it was fantastic news!! I am so grateful to Alison, she is such a wonderful and kind person, inside and out! Thank you again.

5***** L. Watts - Northamptonshire

I purchased a blood test kit online, and needed someone to take my blood, to send this back to the clinic in Germany. I contacted my own GP and they refused to take my sample! I was then in a panic, as I needed this to be completed, as I was on a deadline, I started to look on google, in the hope of finding a clinic who could help me? Thankfully I found Alison! 

After speaking with Alison, she came to my work, the very next day, Alison explained that bloods4you already provides lots of patients with the tests that I needed, which put me at ease straight away! I had 6 tubes of blood taken, and Alison took all 6 tubes from one vein! I could hardle feel a thing.

I do tend to bruise like a peach, so  I expected a bruise, however Alison popped an ice bag onto my arm after she took my blood, and there was NO Bruise!! So glad I found Alison, the whole process from start to finish was EXCEPTIONAL! 

I would highly recommend Alison to anyone wanting a Private Blood Test. 5***** H. Clifford - Cambridge

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