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Once we have successfully obtained your Blood sample, it is then sent off to our Private UKAS Accredited Pathology Laboratory for analysis.


Depending on what Blood Test is required, very often your Blood Test Results will be given back to you, the patient or your chosen Medical Professional within 24 hours, this will greatly speed up the next best course of action of your own Health Care needs that you may require, for your chosen Medical Professional  (GP or Consultant)

Bloods4You do not provide any interpretation or diagnose any pathology test results.


Some Blood and Urine Tests, have a different Test results turnaround times.

Urine varies between 2-3 days, as can some Blood Tests, you the patient will always be informed before you have booked your chosen Private & Confidential Blood or Urine Tests, what time frame you can expect your Test Results back.  

All Blood and Urine Test are Strictly Private & Confidential. 

Your privacy and the immediacy of the service we offer is paramount in all that we do.


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