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Autoimmune Disorders?

Antibodies usually protect our bodies against infecting organisms, such as bacteria and viruses. however, antibodies which are produced against part of our bodies, rather than outside organisms are known as autoantibodies, this then can cause diseases rather than protect against it!

Smooth Muscle Antibody - are autoantibodies produced by our bodies immune system, that are directed against proteins of Smooth Muscle.

Smooth Muscle differs from skeletal muscle that we use everyday, from:- Walking  Lifting  Uses of our Biceps, Triceps.

It's also present in the walls of our Blood vessels:- Our Bowel & Bladder and other locations.

SMA's presence is strongly associated with autoimmune Hepatitis, it could also be seen in less commonly other forms of Liver disease & viral infections, such as Hepatitis B.

Along with SMA, other blood test can be requested such as ANA - Antinuclear antibodies, which helps diagnose autoimmune Hepatitis, and autoantibodies AMA -Antimitochondrial antibodies may help to diagnose autoimmune Liver disease and tell it apart from other causes of Liver disease or injury.

Other causes of Liver disease can include:- Viral Infections Virtual Hepatitis  Drug & Alcohol abuse.

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