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Infection Control......


Bloods4you provides our Private & Confidential Blood & Urine Test Services directly to YOU, in your own Home or Workplace.

We completely and fully understand Infection Control is Imperative to the Services we provide.

We only use the most up to date Equipment on the market Today.

All of the Equipment we use for every single client we offer our services to, be it a Blood Test or Urine Sample we Always use:-

Sterile Single Use Needles - all our Sterile Needles are sealed & dated - Single use Needles means - only used ONCE then disposed in the correct Sharpe's bin.

BD Vacutainer Tubes, All tubes are packaged in there own holders.

Tourniquet - Latex Free.

Gloves - Latex Free.

New Sealed unopened Alcohol Wipe.

New Sealed Plaster or Cotton Wool

Micropore Tape

Disposable Kidney Dish

Disposable Flat Cover

Pillow - Washed with a Sterile Alcohol wipe, in front of client.

Urine Tubes are all compacted in a Secure & Sterile Package.

We always wash our Hands correctly, (7 Steps) before taking any Blood or Urine Samples.

Not only do we choose to visit you, in the privacy of your own home or Workplace, this also reduces the Risk of Infection Control. All the above equipment we use, is for Sterile Single use only, this is exceptionally important as we don't run the risk of any cross contamination! - meaning a work surface or work station becoming contaminated with germs from one surface to another!

Also when you visit a Surgery, Hospital or Clinic, other patients whom are not feeling great, could be coughing and sneezing into the air, this is called Airborne Infections, Bacteria or viruses travel in the air. - Yuk!

Bloods4you not only provide our fabulous Private & Confidential Services directly to you, we always make sure our Equipment & our Process is carried out to the highest standards.

We will always look after You!

"Your Blood In Safe Hands"

Keep a look out...... as we will be showing You directly all our New videos on our Website soon :)

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