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Did you know that magnesium is a Mineral and it's found in every cell in our body. It's super important to the energy production, muscle contraction, nerve Function and, of course for our Bones. Eating a avocado or even having a slice with your lunch will give you 15% of the recommended daily amount of magnesium! Our bodies, maintains magnesium levels in its blood, cells, and bone by regulating how much it absorbs from the intestines and by how much it excretes or conserves in our kidneys. If you have low levels of magnesium, you  could have symptoms such as:- Muscle weakness Cramps and Confusion. Dietary deficiencies of magnesium are rare, however with having a Blood Test this would check to see if you do have a deficiency as part of an evaluation of Malabsorption, Malnutrition. As magnesium is an Electrolyte, you could also request other tests to work alongside this, such as Sodium, Potassium & Calcium, this is to check your electrolytes balance. To get your Private & Confidential Blood Tests, please telephone or email us today. We are also offering an Exclusive Offer for our June & July's Vitamin & Mineral topics - Mini Mineral Check! To get yours, you simple subscribe to Bloods4you! "Your Blood In Safe Hands" #bloods4you 

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