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So many choices?.....

There are quite a few different Private & Confidential Blood or Urine Test Services, up and down the country, but you sometimes may have to:-

Visit a Clinic - outside your area? Visit a Hospital - traveling by car or train? Or you maybe sometimes choose a “Finger Prick” Home testing kit? There are quite a few different options, for you the public & businesses that you can choose from, you can also choose Bloods4you to only withdraw your Blood (Phlebotomy only), we will still provide you with our excellent, unique Service, apart from the fact, your Blood or Urine doesn’t get process with our Private Accredited Pathology Lab! One of Bloods4you clients did choose a Home Testing Kit, which a lot of people do choose today, which is great! However this was Mrs Varma experienced - “I decided to check my Thyroid & Vitamin levels, so ordered my Home Test Kit online, it did arrive very quickly, which was great! 

I read the instructions that comes in the Kit, then looked at these little yellow tubes? 

Reading half way down, I realised my blood had to fill up these two tubes??

My husband is now involved- he used the little lancet - (this thingy is what I need to prick my clean finger), so my hand is ready, it didn’t really hurt, to be honest, then a little bit of blood starting to come to the surface - I then put my blood into the little yellow tube, I was pushing firmly underneath the spot, hoping more blood would come out... then it stopped! Ok I tried again on another finger, did the exact same again, I did get two more drips than the first try, but again it stopped! By now my finger is getting a little sore, so I gave up! :( Mrs Varma then called Bloods4you, to ask if we can help? Yes, we can certainly provide you a Private Blood Draw, - We then arranged a Private phlebotomy Blood withdrawal in her home, once completed Mrs Varma can continue with her Home Blood Testing Kit! Bloods4you’s Phlebotomy withdrawal) is for patients Blood Samples, this is obtained by Venipuncture - we do not offer a Finger Prick Service. So if you ever get stuck, with your Home Testing Kit, or if you have ordered a Blood or Urine Kit online, call Bloods4you as we will be more than happy to help you with your Blood Testing! *Patients will only be charge for the Withdrawal of Patients Blood, & mileage if you are located outside the catchment area of Peterborough. “Your Blood In Safe Hands”

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