• Alison Howlett

“It’s not just for Celebrities”!!!

Rihanna, Simone Cowell, Athletes, Musicians and now YOU can also have Intravenous Therapy!!

Mauricee at Bravo Medical Aesthetics, can provide you directly with Intravenous Nutrient Therapy or IVNT for short.

IVNT is an evidence-based treatment that will support and optimize your health through intravenously delivered nutrients, these nutrients are made up of vitamins, minerals, and water, which are all classified as “Essential Nutrients” which our body requires to function at its optimum level.  

Lots of people lack sufficient nutrition, there are numerous potential causes for these deficiencies and Mauricee recommends nutritional supplements on a regular basis.

Unfortunately, the body’s natural absorption process, 85% of oral nutritional intake gets excreted, leaving only 15% of the active nutrients to reach the bloodstream, with IVNT, these nutrients transfer and get absorbed directly into your body’s cells and create a rapid change how you feel overall!!

Bravo Medical Aesthetics, can provide you directly with some of the following IVNT treatments:-

Athlete/Sports AGE Defiance Skin Brightening Detox FAT Burning Mood Support Immuno Booster & lots more!!! 

All IVNT treatments requires you to have a Private & Confidential Blood Test, before your chosen Intravenous Nutrient Therapy - Bloods4you will provide you directly with the required Blood Test, in the Comfort of your own home or workplace on a date & time you choose, plus you will automatically receive your Private Blood Test at a discount price too!! 

For More information, or to book your Fabulous IVNT treatment, with Mauricee at Bravo Medical Aesthetics, please get in touch today!!







“Your Blood In Safe Hands”

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