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Do you know if you have Diabetes?

Diabetes - Bloods4you

Diabetes is a common life-long condition; over 3.5 Million people are diagnosed with diabetes in the UK, more Shockingly its estimated 549,000 people, who have the condition, Don't Even Know They Have It!! Diabetes is a condition in which the level of glucose (sugar) in an individual's blood becomes too high because the body cannot use it properly. Types of Diabetes Type 1 -Develops if the body can no longer produce Insulin, it accounts for approximately 10% of diabetes cases in the UK, and usually is diagnosed in those under the age of 30. People with Type 1 diabetes make very little or even no insulin. Type 1 has an earlier age of onset and hence longer duration; people may have severe medical complications, than other forms of diabetes. Type 2 - People do make their own insulin, but it is either not in a sufficient amount to meet their needs, or their body has become resistant to its effects. Type 2 generally occurs later on in life, typical symptoms of diabetes are:- Very thirsty Weight Loss Passing large amounts of urine. You may not have any symptoms, but having a Blood test, could find high glucose concentrations in your Blood. About 90% of cases in the UK are Type 2. Obesity and people over 45 years old, may pose risks factors which include:- Weight excess Lack of exercise A family history of diabetes.

Bloods4you can provide you directly, in the comfort of your own home or workplace a Private and Confidential HbA1c Blood Test, once we have successfully obtain your sample, it is sent off to the Private UKAS Accredited Pathology Laboratory for analysis. Once completed, only YOU will receive your Private Test Results back via an encrypted email within 24hrs!! Speeding up the next best course of action you may need!

For More Information, please telephone or Email us today with your requirements!


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