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Are you a Locum Nurse or Doctor?

Locum Docor or Nurse? EPP on IVS Blood Test checks

When working as a Locum Doctor or Nurse, your EPP Blood Testing will need to be screened in order for you to meet with the Compliance and Guidelines of your Employer or Employment Agency and of course, for your own Health needs.

Bloods4you can provide you in the comfort of your own Home our Workplace our complete EPP Blood Screening Package or individual Blood Testing Services.

The complete package includes:-


Hepatitis C

Hepatitis B – ANITIGEN




We can also provide you directly QuantiFERON-TB Gold! - 1 day Test Result turnaround.

Your Blood Samples will be analysed at the UKAS Private Accredited Pathology Laboratory, through the Identified Verified Sample (IVS) testing.

All Test Results are Private & Confidential, Results are given directly back to you and you only, within 24 hours.

For more information, please telephone or email us today with your requirements.

Tel: 07813 091464


or Chat Online

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