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Tattooists - Are you up to date with your EPP's - Exposure Prone Procedures?

Private Immunity Blood Tests for Tattooists

All Medical Professionals, including Tattooists, Doctors, Nurses, and Phlembotomists, jobs involve using any form of needle, will be exposed to varies different diseases, like Hepatitis & HIV.

Hepatitis C can be spread if poor infection control methods are used. Unsterile tattooing can transmit the Blood Borne Hepatitis C Virus.

When a Tattooist gives you, your chosen tattoo, your skin is being pierced by a needle and injected with small amounts of ink. All Excellent & Professional Tattooists follows there own protocols, for example, washing their hands, wear latex gloves, & all the tattooing equipment has been sterilised and infection control is adhered to.

If you are a Tattooists, is your own Immunity checks up to date?

Checking your Hepatitis B Titre Blood Test, will indicate if you are IMMUNE or NOT.

This not only proctects You, but protects your client too!

Bloods4you can provide all busy tattooists your Hepatitis & HIV Immunity Checks.

We also come to your Workplace or Home on a date and time convenient to you!

Call or Email Today.

Email: or

Tel: 07913 091464

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"Your Blood In Safe Hands"

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