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Tattooists - Are you up to date with your EPP's - Exposure Prone Procedures?

All Medical Professionals, including Tattooists, Doctors, Nurses, and Phlembotomists, jobs involve using any form of needle, will be exposed to varies different diseases, like Hepatitis & HIV.

Hepatitis C can be spread if poor infection control methods are used. Unsterile tattooing can transmit the Blood Borne Hepatitis C Virus.

When a Tattooist gives you, your chosen tattoo, your skin is being pierced by a needle and injected with small amounts of ink. All Excellent & Professional Tattooists follows there own protocols, for example, washing their hands, wear latex gloves, & all the tattooing equipment has been sterilised and infection control is adhered to.

If you are a Tattooists, is your own Immunity checks up to date?

Checking your Hepatitis B Titre Blood Test, will indicate if you are IMMUNE or NOT.

This not only proctects You, but protects your client too!

Bloods4you can provide all busy tattooists your Hepatitis & HIV Immunity Checks.

We also come to your Workplace or Home on a date and time convenient to you!

Call or Email Today.

Email: Bloods4you@outlook.com or Alison.howlett@bloods4you.co.uk

Tel: 07913 091464

Chat Online: www.bloods4you.co.uk

"Your Blood In Safe Hands"



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"Your Blood In Safe Hands"
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