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You choose the best time!.

Bloods4you - you choose the best date and time

"You don't even need to go out!" Its that time of year, when our lovely British weather is all over the place...... Warm then cold, wet, rainy, damp Weather..... so the colds & fevers are starting to do the rounds! You don't really want to leave the comfort of your warm home, to go to the Doctors/Clinic for your Blood or Urine Test, do you? Well, you don't have too! Bloods4you will provide you directly any Private Blood or Urine Tests you need, at a Fantastic & Affordable cost! You don't even need to leave your home! You can stay in your PJ's if you prefer! No need to rush around, leave work early, or work through your lunch, panic about picking the kids up from school, looking for spare change for parking your car - Nope! You choose the best date & time that suits your schedule, as we work around you! What's more your Test Results will be given directly back to you only, within 24 hours!!

Our fantastic prices start from as little as £40.00 for the whole servce! So, stay well & warm & call Bloods4you! See what other people say about our Fantastic Service on our website or Facebook page :) "Your Blood In Safe Hands" Web:

Facebook: Email: Tel/Text: 07813 091464 *All Blood or Urine Tests & Results are Strictly Private & Confidential. *If your postal code is outside the catchment area of Peterborough, you will incur a mileage charge.

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