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Vitamin D .........

Vitamin D Bloods4you

Vitamin D comes from two sources, the 1st we all know about is produced in our skin following exposure to the Sunlight, and the 2nd ingested from foods we eat and supplements.

The main role of Vitamin D is to help regulate the absorption of Calcium, phosphate and the lesser extent of Magnesium from our gut.

Vitamin D is Super, Super important for the growth and health of our bones, without it, our bones will become Soft, malformed and unable to fix themselves, this could result in the disease called Rickets in children and Osteomalacia in adults, it also plays a very important role in Musculoskeletal Health.


Having a Vitamin D blood test could give evidence of a defect in bone metabolism, such as weak or soft bones or fractures in adults, or if you are already having supplemented with vitamin D and continues to experience symptoms of vitamin D deficiency.

Vitamin D is found in few food sources naturally, such as cod liver oil.

In the UK vitamin D is added to many fortified (to protect or strengthen) cereals and infant preparations and by LAW to margarine!

Up to 90% of Vitamin D is obtained from Sunlight on the skin, but some groups of people have less exposure to the sunlight, as they often cover most of their skin surfaces for culture or religious reasons

Vitamin D is also used in Skin creams to help treat people with psoriasis.

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